• Course I: Basic Competencies for Field Staff

    Strengthen your competencies to accomplish quality field work

  • Course II: Group Management

    Manage your groups appropriately

  • Course III: Group Credit Management.

    Manage the group credit cycle effectively

  • Course IV: Individual credit management

    Disperse and manage successful individual credits

  • Course V: Facilitation of Non-formal Education

    Facilitate non-format education session successfully

  • Course VI: Facilitation of Specialized Non-Formal Education on Health, Business & Financial Education

    Facilitate Technical-Learning-Conversations successfully

Building Field Agent Competencies. Field Agent Training is a set of four e-learning modules designed to give field staff core competencies that will contribute to greater professional success, organization success and client benefit.
  • • Quality training for every learner
  • • Effective organizational management tool
  • • Cost and time savings
  • • More effective training

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